Nano Technology


Nanotechnology is the science of very small things.  We’ve chosen to share science with our Biotech partner InfusedbyEpic to deliver the highest and most bioavailable form of Botanicals + Cannabis available, in Nano emulsions.


What are emulsions

What is an emulsion?  Well it’s as simple as the combination of two substance that wouldn’t ordinarily mix.  In layman's terms, oil and water.  Many products we consume on a daily basis are emulsions.  Butter, milk, mayonnaise, salad dressing, hollandaise sauce, etc.  These are considered coarse emulsions and the average particle size is many microns (1 micron=1,000 nanometers). 


What is Nano

Utilizing nanotechnology, we are now able to reduce the overall particle size of bioactive molecules to below 50 nanometers.  To put this into perspective, a human red blood cell is approximately 5,000 nanometers.  This is a 100X reduction in size, which consequently increases the surface area by logarithmic proportions! 

In addition to the inconceivably small nanoparticles, studies show that oral bioavailability is increased many times over.  This means that the amount of the active molecules intended absorption increases 4-5X by using Nano products. 


The Difference

Traditionally oil-based products need to be fully digested in order to be absorbed into the bloodstream.  This process in inherently slow, and results in actively conjugated by liver enzymes, transforming the precious molecules (sometimes unfavorably), and a huge loss in absorption up to 70%.   It’s for this reason that oil-based tinctures include a digestible fat as a carrier oil, such as MCT, coconut oil, olive oil etc.  Our Nano emulsions still use these fat-based carriers, but their small size and proprietary protective capsules make them nearly 100% absorbable.



When applied to the skin, nanoparticles can pass through the tight junctions between cells and through follicles and be delivered to basal layers of the dermis.  Since the skin is such an excellent barrier, this technology allows us to increase penetration and thus absorption to specific transdermal sites.

Nanotechnology also allows us to convert our oil soluble, full terpene cannabis extracts into a water miscible solution.  This solution allows us to “infuse” our products with the most bioavailable form of cannabis and botanicals on the market.  Look forward to a very diverse product line that’s miscible with your favorite beverages and water-based products.  We like to say, “The taste you love, the Cannabis you trust”.


Ultimate flexibility

1111 Botanicals has the formulation ability to completely customize and blend bioactive ingredients together to craft the perfect Nano recipes.  We only source the highest quality cannabis extracts, and focus on the complete profile of minor cannabinoids, and terpenes.  Even with such diversity of botanicals, sometimes we blend the best of different strains to create the perfect experience.  Our goals are to make our formulations repeatable and dosed to perfection.  


Excellence in perfecting your dose

Incorporating nanotechnology into our products also allows us to achieve unparalleled accuracy.  Because of the inherent surface of nanoparticles, our products are 100% homogenous without the need for conventional weighting agents used by the beverage industry. Each sip or serving will be identical, every time.  We believe edible concentrates shouldn’t be a guessing game, and our most respected consumers will get a repeatable dose, dialed to perfection, repeatedly.   The concerns about over consumption are mitigated by our perfectly tailored repeatable dosing systems.

By leveraging our experience in the botanical and cannabis wellness combined with cutting edge delivery systems, we are confident that our products will align your senses and deliver the best product experience in the wellness space.